Can Everyone Skydive? Are There Restrictions?

Can Everyone Skydive in the US?


It’s difficult to beat the experience of skydiving. The question is Can everyone Skydive? The feeling of falling and gliding through the sky with the birds … the freedom and lightness you feel as you are gliding above the world and its problems 

Skydiving is food for the soul. If it were up to us, we would make sure every person on earth was able to experience it. While there are a handful of people who may not enjoy the thought of skydiving, there unfortunately can be restrictions that can actively prevent an eager person from skydiving as well.

For some, it would simply be too dangerous for them to indulge in the sport. We’re in the business of safety first, skydiving second. That said, we will also make sure you have the safest experience possible. 

Sadly, for some this may mean not allowing you to jump. Yes, we want you to have a great time! We want you to have an insane thrill and fall in love with the sport. We also want to avoid any heartbreak on the tarmac — so we are going to be serious about safety.

You’re likely asking yourself “Okay then, I get that — but what prevents you from skydiving? Are all of these permanent no-nos and I’ll be put on some ‘no skydive list’?” Good news: there isn’t a giant laundry list of what can prevent you from seeing if everyone can skydive? The free flying art and no, nearly all of these restrictions are temporary. The moment you are able, we want you to join us.

Skydiving Age Restrictions

     In the US, you must be 18 or older to take part in a tandem skydive. The good news is that there is no max age on skydiving. Age can affect our strength and agility. 

     A child, especially younger children, may not be able to easily control the chute even with the aid of their adult tandem partner. We also will not allow a child to fly in tandem with a parent.

An older individual who isn’t in tip top shape may also have difficulties. You need to be flexible and quick on your feet to aid your instructor. So the answer may be no to can everyone skydive?

You need strong joints to handle the impact of landing, much the same way you’d want strong legs and joints for a long run. But as long as you meet the minimum age requirements, we welcome you! 

You could come to us for your first dive on your 18th birthday (what better way to jump into a new phase of life, right?) and as long as you stay healthy and strong, you could jump with us through your 80s and beyond!

Body Size Restrictions

    Body weight and body size factor heavily into skydiving. Parachutes, harnesses, and even the plane are rated for certain heights and weights to maximize safety. Body size can also affect agility and flexibility in the same way age can. 

   While the equipment may hold up beyond its maximum rating, it’s a risk we do not want you to take. You are a far too precious cargo to take a gamble like that! This is why our maximum weight is set at 235lbs. Certain body types less than the maximum weight may not fit safely into the skydive equipment as well. If you weigh over 200lbs you must be at least 68in tall.

   Even if you currently are not within the safe weight range at the time, we will be here for you in the future! We do not want to discourage your dreams of flight.

    We are here for your comfort and safety, so please do not hesitate to contact customer service with all of your questions. Our experts will be happy to get you ready, even if the jump is a special treat for later.

Can Everyone Skydive with Health Restrictions?

     Body mass is not the only aspect of your health you want to take into consideration when you want to skydive. There are not many factors that can prevent you from taking part in skydiving, but some health conditions can make the sport more difficult though not impossible. 

     High blood pressure can cause issues with pre-flight anxiety and oxygen changes, even if controlled, but it isn’t a guaranteed disaster. 

     Diabetes can require extra prep, but is not a hindrance. For most conditions, you simply need to get together with your doctor and let them know your plans. They will let you know what to prepare for and if it is safe.

      What you’ll notice in your research, though, is that tandem skydiving is surprisingly accessible. It’s a high intensity sport, but with a little extra attention and consideration, the sky is open to you.

     Glasses are a common ‘extra’ factor in a jump. It is not unheard of for a skydiver to lose a pair of glasses or a contact. Goggles are used to keep these secure so you aren’t flying high consumed by the $200 you’re going to be shelling out for a new pair and an Uber home.

     Don’t even begin to sweat it. Same for other disabilities we may come across. The skydiving community is welcoming and there are large sections of amputees, blind or deaf/hard of hearing individuals, and other jumpers with disabilities.

Are there people who are not allowed to skydive?

     Yes, there are people who may not be able to immediately achieve their skydiving dreams. But can everyone skydive?, if you are determined to be a part of this community, we are happy to have you. 

Nothing should keep you from your dreams of the sky if that’s what you want! For those who cannot yet jump with us, indoor skydiving is always a good, all-ages friendly introduction to the sport.

     When you are ready for the real deal, give us a call. We want to say yes to “Can everyone skydive” We are eager to answer your questions. If skydiving is the right sport for you, we are happy to book a jump that will work for you.

     This is a great opportunity to bring up special accommodations and start getting the lowdown on what to expect on jump day. If the sky is calling you, answer. We promise that if there is a hold, it’s going to be worth it. 

Can everyone skydive
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