Skydiving in Hill Country Is a Totally Unique Experience! Find Out Why

Skydiving Over Hill Country

Skydiving over hill country

Have you ever wanted to visit France, but never learned French? Have you ever wanted to fly over France, if it weren’t for the whole “not having wings” thing? If so, you are in luck! Skydiving over Hill Country Skydive Castroville is rooted in the south of France. Alsatian settled the area a while back and still keep a bit of France. 

French country and small-town charm meet in Texas Hill Country. A hidden gem founded in 1844, Castroville is a cozy village outside of San Antonio that we are happy to call home. The rolling scenery of Medina County highlights the pioneer-era and French-inspired architecture. While you enjoy your stay, allow us to show you the view from above our little piece of France — right here in Texas! Lush and vibrant, a spectrum of green lays ready to catch you, inviting you into its arms 12,000ft below. 

This green quilt is made up of hundreds of patches that make for an unforgettable sight on your weekend getaway. Each location is rich with beauty and history, and we’d like to share some of our favorites with you. So what are some sights to be seen during your skydiving in hill country experience?

Castroville Poppies

Did you know that Castroville is the poppy capital of Texas?  In flower beds, on riverbanks, and in the wild, millions of poppies blanket our town each year. There are many fabulous ways to view the flowers, and we recommend adding aerial viewing to your itinerary in celebration of these red beauties. 

Poppies can be spotted while skydiving over hill country. when they are at their best and brightest from mid-March to late-April. Their fiery floral faces greet you from below and are a welcome treat against all of the green hills, breaking up their gentle waves with a flash of color.

Medina River

Known by many names but most commonly referred to as the Medina, this river snakes its way through the hills and valleys of Castroville. The Medina River feeds into the San Antonio River, as well as into Medina Lake, a reservoir at the base of Medina Dam. It runs through many of our fine recreational facilities, butting right up against Koenig Park as wall as embanking Castroville Regional Park. For generations, the river has energized Castroville with its waters.

When you are above, notice the houses that line its banks. It’s easy to see why early pioneers built their high pitched roofs along its calm banks, including Castroville’s famed Alsatian Steinbach House. Only from the sky can you see the influence the river has had all across the county, along with how it continues to connect the town with surrounding farmland.

Cross Hill

Stemming from European customs brought over with settlers of the area, Cross Hill is a symbol of the faith they brought with them when they came to the Medina Valley. Also known as Mont Gentilz, named after Theodore Gentilz, this is a gentle 1 mile hike located within Castroville Regional Park. 

While a peaceful place to rest after a long day, the Cross trail may be lacking in intensity for some. The 13-foot high, 7-foot wide cross that stands on the hill is unfortunately not the original, but an equally magnificent replacement erected in 1902. As you skydiving over hill country, look for the clearing the Cross calls home. If you spot it, marvel at how it peeks from the trees, watching over the town as it has for over a hundred years.

Medina Dam

Touched on above, Medina Dam is located within a popular recreational facility called Paradise Canyon. Paradise Canyon is great place to spend the day with your family, but if you are hoping for a look at the dam you will be sorely disappointed. The dam has not been open to the public for years, and even on the lake, there are strict guidelines about staying no less than 300 feet away at all times. While there are currently efforts to get the dam reopened to the public, at the moment your options are limited.

Fortunately for you, the most exciting way we recommend to view the Medina Dam is in tandem with one of our instructors! Skydiving is one of the few ways to get a glimpse of the historic walkways. It’s also the only way to see the dam’s towering 164-foot walls in action as they hold back all of mighty Medina Lake. Medina Dam is a must-see from the skies, providing the county with irrigation and recreation since 1912.

Skydiving in Hill Country … Is it Worth it?

Where else can you both skydive and then celebrate with delectable French pastries? If you want a true living landscape or to see a little slice of heaven, skydiving in Hill Country Is the way to go. When you climb into the cab of the plane, your heart will be beating in your ears and your stomach may try to jump into your throat – but as you climb higher and higher, take a deep breath and look out at that gorgeous green quilt below. It holds so many possibilities, all of which are within your grasp. You just need to make that jump.

When you dive in and see those clouds rush past you, it’s hard to believe you only have around a minute of free fall. At 5,000ft your chute will deploy and you will experience the magic of flight along with an absolutely breathtaking view. 

The glimpses of deer and javelina running through the valley, the twisting and turning of the Medina River, and the curve of the horizon before you never gets old. Whether on your first jump or 80th, you will always find something new when skydiving over hill country. No matter if you’re visiting on a poppy-studded spring day or a hot summer evening, we guarantee you a stunning view and unforgettable memory.

What are you waiting for?  skydiving over hill country and treat yourself to a thrill and book today! If you miss anything due to season or simply the excitement of flight, don’t worry. You will always have a seat in our cab!

You can book with us today by calling Skydive Castroville at (830)-444-5003. You can also email us at SkydiveCastroville@gmail.com with questions or continued help with booking. Let us be your wings! For more information check out our pricing here.

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