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Our staff loves San Antonio Skydiving and is a crew of pro San Antonio skydivers that have taken thousands of folks skydiving from around the world. They have been Skydiving in Texas for over 10 years and make San Antonio home. Our Instructors are Certified by the United States Parachute Association and have thousands of skydives. They also hold current FAA class 3 airmen medical certificates. So, relax, they can can handle themselves in the sky. We are committed to a safe and enjoyable first time skydive!

The Fortner family skydive business began in 1998 when Randall Fortner began training new skydivers in Canon City Colorado. His passion for Skydiving passed to his children who began skydiving near San Antonio a few years later. His Son, Thomas Fortner, started Skydiving near San Antonio in 1999 and fell in love flying his parachute!  He is now an advanced USPA Skydiving Instructor and Coach. When Thomas isn’t jumping out of airplanes, he also manages our San Antonio Rigging Operations as a Master Rigger! 

     Randall’s’ Daughter, Kora Fortner, is USPA licensed with over 250 skydives! She hopes to continue working towards her Coach Rating and be able to share the sport with all the first time learners. Kora’s other half, Brian, has his USPA Tandem and Coach rating and currently manages the Skydive operation in San Antonio. Him and Thomas work side-by-side to create the happy, outgoing, and exciting atmosphere that our customers love and enjoy so much in Texas

 Randall’s other Son, Chance, is working towards a USPA license of his own. He spent his early years studying and training for his FAA Parachute Rigging Certificate which he now uses on a daily! His wife, Caitlyn, works behind the scenes. If you have called us for any reason, chances are you spoke with her. Starting out as a first time tandem, Caitlyn has found love for the sport and still does tandems whenever the opportunity arrives! The Fortner Family all love sharing first time skydiving with everyone they meet skydiving.

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The Fortner Family

The Fortners have made skydiving a family affair since 1998. All of our skydive centers are operated by family and staffed with fun folks who love the sport.

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