Holiday and Birthday Gift Ideas for Skydivers

The holidays may have passed, but with the crazy year we’ve had in 2020, it’s not too surprising that some of us are still shopping for the perfect gift. Maybe you’re getting a head start on Valentine’s Day shopping or you have a little extra holiday cash to burn. Whether buying for yourself or in preparation for that belated holiday party you’ve been planning with the family, it can be hard to land on something that is the perfect balance of heartfelt and luxury.

Give the Gift of Skydiving

If your giftee has ever expressed an interest to skydive near San Antonio, why not take the opportunity to give them that extra push towards their goal? While it can seem extreme to the less adventurous among us, providing those in your life with a skydiving voucher or some skydiving gear can help show you believe in them.

While adrenaline junkies will always be thrilled with the gift of an opportunity to whet their appetite, the gift of skydiving is a more versatile one than you would think. Those in your life celebrating major milestones may also want to mark an item off their bucket list to mark the occasion. One doesn’t need to look far to find photos and videos of people celebrating graduations, birthdays, even weddings with a tandem skydiving lesson. What better way to solidify that once in a lifetime moment in your mind than a skydiving lesson?

Socks and Gloves Perfect for Skydiving

Socks and gloves are the go-to practical gift for everyone. They are compact and don’t take up extra space. They never go out of style, and higher-end pairs do not need to break the bank; though you could go big or go home on a very fine pair of either. Gender-neutral and easy to find, socks and gloves are useful and thoughtful gifts that say ‘I want you to be comfortable.’

Even skydivers in warmer climates that skydive near San Antonio can benefit from a good pair of gloves. At altitude, the temperature will be about 30 degrees colder than on the ground. That means even on a nice 65-degree afternoon, it’s going to feel a little closer to freezing, and it can definitely be felt in the exposed parts of your body. A nice light pair of gloves will allow the skydiver to carry them onto the plane and slip them on before exiting the cabin, thanking you all the way back to earth for their toasty warmth.

Leggings, Training Tights, Sweats

Much like socks and gloves, leggings (or sweats) are another gift that takes up a small amount of space but shows a lot of love for the wearer! These items are often made with thinner cloths and materials that allow for easy movement and layering. Layering will keep you warmer when skydiving and allow you to make adjustments if the day warms up as you wait your turn.

There is a variety to choose from when it comes to workout wear. Moisture-wicking materials are toasty and stretchy, being a favorite for layering up on humid summer or wet winter days. However, they tend to run on the pricier end. A 100% cotton style will not keep a skydiver quite as warm and dry, but it will still allow for a full range of movement and is pocketbook friendly. A bonus for these gift ideas is that they will be enjoyed all year long, whether the wearer is up in the sky or lounging around watching The Avengers for the 15th time.

A GoPro to Capture Skydiving Footage

If your skydiving giftee is already well-stocked on their basics, a new GoPro is a hit gift with sportsmen. Designed with stability and strength in mind, this hand camera can be held or mounted on your gear for unique views. They are very handy for serious skydivers who want to be able to revisit their jumps and pinpoint what they can do to improve their next one. The GoPro comes in several models, with all making it easy to upload and share the user’s passions with the world.

The GoPro also makes an interesting-to-use, everyday camera that will stand up against others. For new parents, they will be able to get down on the ground and in on the action of playtime for memorable shots. This makes the camera a great option for those you may be far apart from this year. Not only can they share the special moment with you, but they can take you on every one of their adventures along the way.

A Tandem Skydive Lesson

For the person who has everything they need, nothing shows you support their new dream of flight than securing them a lesson. The gift of an experience rather than a physical gift has grown in popularity over the years, and with everyone itching to get back out into the fresh air and sunshine, 2021 is the year to try new things! Whether you give the gift of a solo or couples lesson, we will make sure you and your giftee walk away happy. Rest assured, you will be on their mind the entire ride up, and you will have a hand in a memory they will cherish for years to come.

If you aren’t comfortable choosing the date yourself, grab them a card and offer to pay when they book it! The gift of flight is easy to adapt to your needs and will beat out another new Keurig any day.

No matter what you choose, the best gift is one that has been chosen with the heart and given in love. From a pair of cozy socks to the high flying skies, no matter what you give, the cliché is true: it really is the thought that counts. Big or small, showing your support for a loved one’s goals is going to mean more to them than anything else.

If you’re still questioning if skydiving is right for you or your giftee, or you’d like to go ahead and book them a lesson, give us a call. We are eager to speak with you and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Randall Fortner

Randall Fortner

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